Morgan Sandler Graduate Research Assistant | Affective Computing & Automatic Speech Recognition

About Me

Master's Student at Michigan State University studying Computer Science and Astrophysics. With demonstrated industry experience, and research experience, I am in the search of a full-time software engineering or data scientist position after my expected graduation in December 2022. I love work that is intellectually challenging and aligns with betterment of humanity. Outside of work, you can find me at the gym, tinkering with new technology, traveling, or reading books on chess, self-help, and psychology


Design is one of the most important parts of the continuous software development process. With a good design comes project success as well as efficient maintainable code. It is this reason while I highly value design, and consequently have worked to improve my skills in Unified Modeling Language as well as collaborative design in team environments


I am most comfortable in C++, Java, and Python but I have worked good amounts in the past with C#, Progress OpenEdge ABL/4GL, C, Git, NPM, Linux, Docker, CircleCI, Grafana, SonarQube, Pandas, Dask, Flask, ASP.NET, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, React Native, Scaled Agile Framework, and more!


If you are interested in learning more about me and my prior work experiences, you can download my resume right here!